Top Features And Benefits Of No-Code Development

No-Code Development

What Is No-Code Development?

No-code development is the process of utilizing simple mechanics such as drag-and-drop and selecting from the given options to create an app. The platform is basically a visual environment wherein people with absolutely no expertise in coding can build an easy-to-use and fully-functional app.

Founders have continuously been looking for a way to overcome the burden by allowing their team members to create apps (citizen developers) without prior tech knowledge or the necessity for training. This is why no-code is a blessing, and the market is growing rapidly. Forrester estimates that by 2022, it will hit $21.2 billion. That number is not just huge, but it is impressively gigantic.

What Are The Top Benefits Of No-Code Development?

The benefits of a no-code development platform are not limited to just the department or section of the business. The value of creating applications with a no-code framework can be leveraged by all departments and industries. However, reduced cost, time-saving, and curbing shadow IT, are some of the huge benefits of using the no-code app development platform. Once you discover the huge benefits of adopting no-code app development for staff, you will be on top of the world with happiness. Don’t believe us? Keep reading the blog and find out for yourself the no-code benefits.

  • Anyone Can Build

The biggest and most important benefit has already been highlighted in this blog. It is a fact that just about anyone can build apps now. You don’t need technical knowledge or experience in code. Anyone (or citizen developers) can develop functional applications within an hour.

  • Reduced Costs

Professional developers don’t come for cheap. They are extremely expensive. No-code replaces them in a jiffy and reduced all the overhead costs. Moreover, because of fastness, it saves man-hours and that translates to saved revenue in the long period.

  • Reduced App And Prototyping Time

As aforementioned, the process of creating apps through no-code platforms is fast. Above that, prototyping becomes easy as, at the development stage, optical modeling creates visualized information about the application and its important steps. A good app will only take an hour. Imagine that!

  • Excellent Agility

Agility is always a benefit, whether it is in the development platforms or in the context of humans. No-code development checks this box by automating everything from creating to testing. Thus, this team will have more time to get the job done instead of wasting it preparing for work. Also, making modifications will be quick!

  • Enhanced Innovation

No-code development will reduce the burden on IT and give citizen developers the power to build their own apps. This will stimulate them to get their creative juices flowing, and constant innovation will gradually become a part of the company culture.

  • Business Alignment

When the core workforce takes up the app development task, inefficiencies minimize because they have worked across departments and know what is expected. This helps align business objectives and increase productivity.

  • Rogue IT Risk Alleviation

Rogue IT is the use of unsanctioned IT resources within an organization. The use of no-code platforms when implemented using governance, assistance, and thought-through strategy from the central IT staff brings structure and accountability to the rogue IT activities. Therefore, this turns them into a regulated force for good.

  • Development Through Iterations

No-code app development allows users to build apps and customize their updates. It provides citizen developers with the ability to make modifications at any point in the development cycle. Consistent development and easy updates enable users to improve their app idea and make perfect apps.

Features Of The Best No-Code Development Platform

According to Gartner, no-code and low-code platforms are among the top 10 trends affecting infrastructure and operations in 2020. It also affirms that no-code is the future of mobility. This is because the platforms address the invincible need for application development. There are so many no-code tools available in the market, making it hard to select the right one. But how does the best no-code development company or platform helps? Why are they so appealing? Let’s discover by going through their top features.

  • User Interface Builder

You can build a whole web page with just a drag-and-drop function. Everything from the header to the footer, the images, form, and tables can be assembled within minutes. As a consequence, you will have a web page exactly how you imagined it. If you want more flexibility, you can also combine it with a framework like Angular2.

  • Workflow Modeling

Workflow modeling is not just fast but also delightful. It allows you to manage all your data seamlessly without ever involving in the code language.

  • Reusability

What if we told you that you could use various small parts of a particular application to create a new one? This is the benefit that everyone looking for no-code development because others can utilize your application’s parts to create their own app. Again, all this requires absolutely no-tech knowledge.

  • Integrations

From Slack to Twitter and everything in between, you can integrate with your no-code application and completely automate processes. This ability is particularly fascinating because it removes the need for human intervention and complicated Excel Sheets in the process.

  • Mobile Capabilities

The top no-code development platforms offer mobile capabilities. This means you can determine how your application looks and functions on mobile devices and can customize it accordingly. After all, it is estimated that people around 3 billion use smartphones in the world today.

  • Reports And Analytics

Here is the cherry on top! Along with all the exceptional features that no-code offers, you get to create customized reports and receive them exactly how you want them. This means that the whole process of analytics can be taken care of.

  • Cross-Platform Mobility

The top no-code platform will let you build applications that are compatible with different browsers and devices. With simple and scalable no-code platform features, you can create apps with minimal effort and time.