How to Market Your Sports News Website


When it comes to marketing your sports news website, SEO is important but not necessary. But knowing your target audience will help you rank higher in search results. Generally speaking, your target audience is the group of people who are looking for the information that you have to offer. Your target audience should be identified by interest, location, age, and keyword. Here are some tips to help you find them. If you know your audience, you can write articles that will attract them.

The Athletic

The Athletic is a sports news website that recently raised almost $8 million in venture capital funding. The company makes money primarily through subscription revenue, although it also generates ad revenue from podcasts. While it is not profitable as a whole, it makes enough to keep all of its journalists and editors on staff. Mather and Hansmann have been cautious not to overextend the company by pushing for aggressive growth. However, there’s a risk involved in pursuing a fast-growing startup.

In 2016, The Athletic launched its ad-free news service. Subscribers paid $10 a month for ad-free reporting. It poached respected sportswriters from other publications and hired laid-off industry employees. Many viewed The Athletic as an audacious venture powered by Silicon Valley hubris. But the site is not a ripe model. Instead, it has proven that subscription services can be highly profitable.

FiveThirtyEight Sports

In a recent report, ESPN confirmed it was exploring selling Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight Sports news site. ESPN acquired Nate Silver’s site in 2013 due to its expiring contract and to apply the FiveThirtyEight model to other sectors. Silver gained fame as an Electoral College soothsayer during the 2012 election. He correctly predicted the outcome of every state and the District of Columbia.

ESPN had been exploring many options for the FiveThirtyEight Sports news site, including an outright sale or spinoff. ESPN had been working with the news website for three years, and a spin-off would have been a natural fit. However, the company’s CEO was not interested in the offers and instead decided to transfer the site to ABC News. While Silver’s role at ABC News is not yet clear, his previous role at the site suggests that he will stay with the company.

Bleacher Report

If you are a fan of sports, you may want to check out Bleacher Report. The sports news website is growing rapidly, and in a relatively short time, has garnered millions of readers. The site uses a staff of experienced sports writers, including Howard Beck of the New York Times, Mike Freeman of CBS Sports, and Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register. Although the team has faced criticism in the past, Bleacher Report continues to improve its content and attract new readers.

The site features live sports coverage for a variety of major leagues, including NBA and NFL games. Bleacher Report also covers UFC and NCAA basketball. It also provides a comprehensive guide to the latest news from top sports destinations. Users can even subscribe to specific sports teams, such as their favorite NBA team or NFL team. A great feature of Bleacher Report is its support for streaming video. Whether you prefer watching a game from the comfort of your couch or grabbing a quick bite at the local sports bar, this site offers the latest information.

Yahoo! Sports

Yahoo! Sports is one of several websites that provide sports news. The site is home to numerous writers and has echipă pages for nearly every major sport in North America. It was first called Yahoo! Scoreboard before its launch. The brand name was also used for a sports radio network in the U.S.A. from 2011 until 2016. This website is owned by Yahoo and its affiliated video blogging sites. Yahoo sports is widely known for its in-depth reporting of sporting events.

NBC Sports Live Extra will be linked to the Yahoo! Sports website for fans to view live events. This website will also continue to distribute live content from the NBC Sports Network on a TV Everywhere basis. NBC Sports Rotoworld will make Yahoo its exclusive provider of fantasy games. Yahoo Sports will offer fantasy baseball and football along with college and tourney pick’em. Aside from sports news, Yahoo will also offer a fantasy sports hub.

The Sports News

If you enjoy watching major sporting events, you should subscribe to You can get the latest breaking news, articles, and live scores from every major sport. Another great website is, which features breaking news, sports trivia, and more. TheSportsRation focuses on Nigerian football news. This website aims to connect the country’s young sports enthusiasts with the sport they love.

Founded in 1907, Sporting News was originally called the Sporting News. It had radio coverage in the U.S. and also a print edition in Canada, Australia, and Japan. Originally a weekly publication, it eventually became a bi-weekly publication. The Sporting News is currently owned by Advance Media. It was a leading sports magazine when it sold itself in 2002 to Advance Media. This news outlet now falls under the ACBJ, a group of newspapers that include USA Today and Sports Illustrated.

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