Easily Transfer OneDrive Files To Another!

transfer onedrive files to another user

OneDrive is a cloud platform storage service offered by Microsoft for storing the data of its users. In this article, we are going to talk about the different methods that we can use to transfer OneDrive files to another user. We will be looking at everything from manual accounts to a professional method that we can use for the same.

Why Transfer OneDrive Files to Another User?

There might be different reasons why users might want to migrate their data to another account in OneDrive. Let us look at some of the most common ones.

  • By merging the data from 2 accounts to one user can save cost by not paying for 2 accounts.
  • Merging accounts can also help IT admins, to better manage the system with fewer accounts.
  • If the company or organization is going through a merger then they might want to merge data of accounts that are in the same department.

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Transfer all OneDrive Files to Another User Using Manual Method

This method can be used without using any extra tools. But among the methods that we are going to discuss, this is the one that is the most time consuming.

Here are the steps that you have to follow.

  • Open your preferred browser and go to the OneDrive login page. From there use the credentials of your source account to sign in.
  • Now you can see all the data present in your account. From here to transfer OneDrive files to another user, select all the files that you want to migrate and download them to your system.
  • Arrange all the files you have downloaded and sign out of your source account and sign in to your destination account.
  • Once the destination account is opened upload all the files that you have migrated from the source account.

Limitations of Manual Method

One of the biggest issues when using this method is the amount of time it will take. Depending on your data and your network speed it can take a long while to complete this process.

You also need to have enough storage on your system to download all the files from OneDrive. There is also the problem that all the files have to be reorganized after the migration process is completed.

All these are some major drawbacks of using the tool.

Professional Ways to Transfer OneDrive Files to Another Account

 As you can see from the about there are a lot of limitations that arise when using the manual method. These limitations make the manual method complicated and unusable. Especially for users that have a large amount of data on their OneDrive account. Simple OneDrive Migration Tool is one of the safest tools that you can use for the same. The tool helps the user easily transfer all OneDrive files to another user. Without any risk of data loss.

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Professional Tool Steps

  • After installing and opening the tool go to the setup section.
  • From here select Office 365 as the source and destination.
  • In the workload, section uncheck everything and only select only the documents option to transfer OneDrive files to another user.
  • The tool also provides a date filter. If needed you can filter out data before migration using the same.
  • Click on the source tab and enter your source admin account id, your application id and verify them
  • After this go to the destination tab and provide the required places with your admin email address and application id. Once done verify them to grant the required permissions.
  • From the users tab, there are 3 options. Click on the fetch button to get the details of the users from the source tenant.
  • Else download the template in CSV format, enter the details of the users and import the CSV file to do it manually.
  • Once the users are imported you have to map the source and destination accounts.
  • You can do this manually, one by one, or in batches by importing a CSV file.
  • Once the users are mapped click on the validate button to allow the required permissions.
  • Now click on the start migration button to transfer OneDrive files to another user.

Once the migration process is completed the tool provides an option to retry migration for the items that have failed. Or if needed you can also Re-run the whole migration to migrate the whole data again.

Delta migration is also available to migrate data that has newly arrived after the migration process has started.


In this article, we have seen the different methods we can you to transfer OneDrive files to another user. It is also been observed that the manual method has limitations that might make it unusable for some users. To experience a hassle-free smooth migration, we suggest the above-given tool.