Creating A Business Plan!

business plan

The business plan – the first and most important step to success

Would you start building a house without a blueprint? Certainly not. Like the blueprint before the house is built, a business plan consultant is required before the actual business idea is implemented; A well-thought-out business plan for start-ups or successors significantly reduces the risk of failure.

The most common reason a business plan is created is to raise capital; without a solid plan, neither a bank nor an investor will usually provide financing. In addition, investors require a business plan because experience has shown that it provides a solid basis for assessing and making decisions about a financial commitment through transparency and traceability.

But prospective entrepreneurs who are not dependent on financial support should also draw up a business plan. It is often only when one’s business idea is formulated and qualified in a structured manner that it becomes clear what the company founder wants and what he needs to implement.

A business plan consultant describes your project with the profitability you expect and justifies the probability of success clearly and precisely.

Necessary content of a business plan

A business plan describes your project with the profitability you expect and justifies the probability of success clearly and precisely.

However, despite the widespread use of business plans and their enormous importance. There are no legally binding regulations, standards, and expectations (except for prospectuses and recovery plans, both of which can also be considered business plans). But even if the structure, presentation, and scope are different, the necessary content is very similar and is briefly described below.

When is a business plan convincing?

  • Your business model inspires customers and investors.
  • You offer a product or service that your target customers have been waiting for.
  • Your concept promises a sustainable positioning in the competition.
  • You present a coherent corporate strategy with realistic goals and the appropriate measures to implement the strategy and achieve the goals.
  • Your financial planning is realistic and consistent.

Content of a business plan

Even if there are no binding rules for a business plan, the following content is recommended in the business plan.

Executive Summary

A summary of all essential content in the business plan for the hasty reader on as few pages as possible. The executive summary is primarily a means of communication and should therefore be easy to understand – and arouse the reader’s desire for “more.”

  1. Business idea and vision
  2. Business model and service areas
  3. Market and Competitive Analysis
  4. Competition strategy, goals, and measures
  5. Organization and location
  6. Integrated financial planning

Tip from the consulting practice

If central assumptions of your business plans are too “in the air,” identify these assumptions (e.g., whether a product reaches customers) and check them with suitable measures before making larger investments. This reduces the risk of the project enormously and, at the same time, increases the credibility of the business plans.

For more information you can contact Maven Business Plans.

Implement your business plans

If all goes according to plans. For example, a sponsor has been found, the next step is implementing the business plans. It is not uncommon for the measures to require external support in terms of type and quantity. And countermeasures must also be taken in any undesirable developments. Therefore, the business plans should be continuously developed as your project progresses.

We support you in all phases of founding a company or entrepreneur succession. And we provide you with intensive support in creating the business plans. And are also at your side during the implementation phase.

We manage entire projects. On request, we also take care of “little things” such as articles of association coach partner meetings, organize the notary appointment and take care of the formalities with the authorities so that your start-up runs smoothly.

With us, you have a partner with strong implementation skills.

  • To develop a business model that inspires investors and customers.
  • To obtain the necessary financial means for founding your company.
  • To implement the measures of your business plans.